The Female Finance Project Investment Club is open to all women at all levels, whether you are a

beginner investor with zero knowledge (we all start somewhere) or an advanced trader!

The investment club is primarily a means to learn how to invest. We’ve outlined the entire process


What is the purpose of the FFP Investment Club?

• Offered for women who are looking to take the next step in managing their money, learning about the markets, and how to invest. 

• Will be an intimate group where members are given the opportunity to learn about investing in a dynamic setting.

• We learn by having open discussions and debates, bringing new ideas to the table, and actively practicing what we learn.

How do I become part of the Investment Club?

Fill out the form to the right, which is used to place you with the right investment club, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

What do we do in the investment club?

If you join one of the FFP investment clubs, you are first placed into a group with other women

at your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced).

At each level, the investment club has three components:


1) We provide micro-lessons on investing. At the beginner level, we offer lessons on investing 101. Here, you have the ability to ask direct questions to your club lead. 


2) On a monthly basis, we distribute some “light homework” in order to apply the learning from that month’s lessons. 


3) On an ongoing basis, the investment club will be managed through a whatsapp group. This is where you can ask questions on an ongoing basis, share articles, investment ideas and thoughts.

4) Finally, we will create sub-groups in each investment club to begin trading in a small competitive environment. This will be composed of 3 - 4 women who manage a mock portfolio of $100,000. This will allow you to practice what you learn on a monthly basis!

What if I have certain investment restrictions?

People often have various preferences or restrictions on what they can or can't invest in, including sharia-compliant, socially responsible, etc. Based on your preferences, we connect you with other women who have the same / similar requirements.


What are you waiting for – this is your chance to learn how to manage your finances and learn to

invest. Apply today using the posted application form!

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How would you describe your investment level:

Investment Club

How many people are in each investment club?

• Each group will have 10 committed members, which is a small group so it is easier to hold open discussions, ask questions and come up with new ideas. 

• Ideally, this is a place to build long-term friendships with like-minded women who are invested in their growth and education.

How often does the investment club meet, and where?

• Will meet once a month virtually over zoom. It is important that each member remains committed to the meetings so that everyone can be engaged. 

• We recommend that each member joins and commits for at least 6 - 12 months.

Do I need to invest money with FFP?

No. Investing with FFP is not a requirement. This investment club is purely meant for learning.

There is no capital required to join. Also, we are a not for profit, so there is no cost to joining.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

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